I live in Pretoria and have been dreaming about Lagom Living for more than a year now. For me, the simple things in life are the things that matter most and I would like to share my journey in experiencing these simple things (that are actually the big things) with you.

Hi! I’m Fay…

wife, mom, explorer, foodie and greenie. If I had to choose five words with which to introduce myself those probably would be it.

I am passionate about traveling and exploring new places (and of course their cuisine). I believe in living life to the fullest and I love sharing life, not only with my husband Peet and daughter Amélie, but also on my blog with my friends and followers from around the globe ( Living a sustainable life is important to me.

One of the mottos I try to life by is ‘less is more’ and that is why I am so excited about Lagom Living.

With Lagom Living, I hope to show you how living with just the right amount in various aspects of your life, is an exhilarating and cleansing experience.