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Online Shop

Lagom Living is an online shop that epitomises the concept of just the right amount. Shop under categories like FASHION, ECO-FRIENDLY, FOOD, TRAVEL and LIFESTYLE and let us help you to live happily with just the right amount. Be it in the style department, becoming more sustainable and eco-friendlier, adjusting your diet to using good, but simple ingredients, travelling lighter or living with just the right amount of everything.


Product Reviews and Content Creation

The owners of Lagom Living, Renate Engelbrecht and Fay van Eeden, are both lifestyle bloggers who often review products on their blogs and social media platforms. For collaborations with these two blogs, contact:

Renate Engelbrecht | Suitcase & Chardonnay: hello@suitcaseandchardonnay.co.za / 082 336 1562

Fay van Eeden | Enroute Foodie by Fay Clare:

faycve@gmail.com / 083 478 0854

Workshops and Inspirational Talks:

With a passion for living with just the right amount, we are happy to present workshops and inspirational talks to small groups as part of teambuilding sessions, high teas or events celebrating life. We customise these workshops to fit your event, but think along the lines of:

  • Styling tips with “Less is More” as motto
  • Tips on living a more sustainable and plastic-free life
  • Travelling light (physically and emotionally)
  • Good food is simple food
  • Lifestyle tips for living with just the right amount

For an outline for any of these workshops, contact renate@lagomliving.co.za or fay@lagomliving.co.za